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Vision Systems Vision Sensor BarCode & ID Machine Safety

Vision Systems

KEYENCE offers the Industry's Most Complete Vision System Lineup. The KEYENCE vision system lineup includes cameras, lensing, and lighting options with resolution up to 64MP, as well as 3D and line scan cameras for increased capability to complete any inspection process.

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2d Vision guided robotic
3D Vision Guided Robotics
Customizable Vision System
GigE cameraand lighting forPC based machine vision
Inline 3D Inspection
intuitive vision system
Line Scan Technology
2d Vision guided robotic

Vision Sensor

KEYENCE works with the most complete camera and lighting technologies. KEYENCE's line of vision systems includes camera, lens and lighting options with up to 64 MP resolution, 3D cameras, line scan cameras and more. Contact us for more info.

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Vision Sensor with Built in AI2
Vision Sensor with Built in AI
Vision Sensor with Built in AI2

BarCode & ID

An extensive range of fixed mount 1-D/2-D barcode readers and handheld scanners for industrial applications.

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1D 2D Code Reader
AI Powered Code Reader
Handheld Code Reader
Handheld DPM Code Reader
Logistics Code Reader
1D 2D Code Reader

Machine Safety

Machine Safety plays a key role in every factory environment. KEYENCE offers a variety of safety products for any machine guarding application.

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safety controller
safety controller
safety laser scanner
safety laser scanner2
safety light curtain
safety light curtain3
safety light curtain4
safety snterlock switches
safety snterlock switches2
safety controller

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